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Due to the innovatory changes in technologies user are getting attracted to the new platform of Office 365 and therefore switching their platform from normal Exchange Server setup to Office 365. However, the process of migration is not that simple if followed manually, as user has to migrate bulk of accumulated Exchange data form on premises to cloud based platform. There are many areas on which user need to focus before switching the platform, such as cost rendered on both the setups and series of questions that comes to user’s mind like what if the user maintain both the setups, which is called hybrid setup.  Would it be ideal to switch the platform or can user meet the requirements of new setup etc.
Office 365 is much more than what we can explain in words, it gives an entirely different to Exchange Server and Outlook users. Most of the applications under Office 365 are designed to ease the workload of user, so for novice users their capabilities and advantages are unique compared to what we user must have experienced so far. Checkout some of them below:
Adjustability to access all Office apps or related files from any device and at anytime
Lync SharePoint offering instant message conveying and video conferencing
Maintains Server automatically without requiring user to keep a check from time to time
Reduces expenses over maintenance of on premises Exchange Server
Offers benefits for every business type irrespective of business nature
Keeps everything transparent between the user and their clients
Allows user to communicate flawlessly and maintains healthy and uninterrupted relations with clients

Now, after learning the advantages there would be an urge to switch the platform immediately. However, there are few things that user must know before the migration starts, such as:
There are five types of migration method to transfer EDB mailboxes to Office 365:

1.Staged Method
2.Hybrid Method
3.Cutover Method
4.IMAP Method
5.Third Party Method

Out of all the methods only third party migration is instant and easiest
All the procedures except the third party procedure are complicated to follow and require much more time than imagined
Even if look at the manual procedure cut short that would be like:
1.Frame Exchange migration endpoints
2.Enable the MRS Proxy Service settings
3.Initiate the migration process using EAC
4.Eliminate finished migration batches
5.Enable offline access for MS Outlook on the cloud
The terms sound too complicated naah….! That is why experts suggest a shortcut to achieve this complicated goal, which is using the third party migration to tool to switch the platform. Exchange Recovery Tool is trustworthy application to carryout multiple mailbox migration to Office 365 easily. It provides variety of option to make the process easy. Such as a filter option which enable users to extract important database for migration form unlimited mailboxes. It also supports various other destinations for migrating database like Live Exchange Server. Use this software’s free version to know more about its working capabilities and features. Read more here:

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Exchange Server Recovery Software is a complete bundle of solution for all MS Exchange users who have been facing Exchange corruption issues and require a professional solution to recover their EDB file data in form of healthy outlook files instantly. This EDB to PST converter software easily repairs damaged Exchange database in addition to file conversion so that user can move each recovered email in Outlook readable format without creating any further problems. This professional Exchange Recovery tool basically recovers data from remote EDB files and convert them into accessible Outlook files in precise structure and format. By the use of this EDB recovery tool, users can re-access on Exchange Server database files and fix the damaged EDB files using advanced algorithms then produce fresh Outlook files in few seconds. It permits user to recover Exchange emails created during a particular time period by defining: “To Date" to "From Date" and also allows user to restore heavy PST files easily.

Why It Is Required?

Microsoft Exchange Server is an often preferred email server, which is extensively used in conjunction with Outlook by many organizations. It generally piles up the complete information of user’s mailboxes in database files. When .edb file is corrupted, it results in the loss of essential data. In addition to this, MS Outlook may not be capable enough to access users’ emails after that. In fact, user may encounter error messages, such as:

  • system cannot find the path specified
  • Incapable to initialize the MS Exchange store service
  • Database contains errors and cannot be repaired automatically
  • Error 4294967041

Importance of Exchange Server Recovery tool

So, in order to safely repair corrupted database files, user should take effective measures immediately. Exchange Server Recovery Tool scans the damaged database thoroughly and then fetches all of the mailboxes and data from it. This software is embedded with rapid email recovery program that helps in recovering Exchange Server data from damaged .edb and .stm files.

There is no dearth of Exchange recovery tools that boast complete recovery of affected database, but in reality hardly any of them proves what they claim. So, do not trust any software immediately but at first, you should try the demo version to evaluate its competency. Moreover, manual recovery of Exchange database is a very complex technique and even after that, the prospects of data recovery with full accurateness is doubtful. Therefore, using a reliable tool, like Exchange Server Recovery will help you to achieve precise recovery of your database files. This software is 100% secure and safe to utilize. For more information, click here:

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ESEUTIL & ISInteg Commands Helps to Repair Exchange Server Basil Clive . 30th Oct 2015 . 1 Reply

ESEUTIL (extensible storage engine utility) software to defragment your office exchange server EDB database, to repair a lost/damaged database and to collect and scan complete exchange server database from following level.

  • Exchange server database directory
  • Database (priv1.edb).
  • Database (pub1.edb).

ESEUTIL & ISInteg Commands Repair corrupted exchange server database. It fix exchange database errors at the software stage and ESE (extensible storage engine) stage respectively and understands database as a storage of mailboxes and other items in them. It can repair whole mailbox of exchange server and manage relationships between mailboxes, folders, items and attachments.

You can try another option to repair exchange server with third party solution. Exchange Recovery tool is safe and user friendly utility to fix any type of error problem with exchange server and restore complete backup of exchange server database in same format or other like PST, EML, MSG, XML, RTF, HTML, Office 365 and Live exchange server etc.

Direct download source:

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Big Issue with this MS Exchange Server Error 0x8004106a Turent Kariso . 20th Oct 2015 . 2 Reply

Error 0x8004106a Messages

  • Communication to the server has failed.
  • A "Server is busy.
  • Please try again later" message is displayed.

Resolve Error Code 0x8004106a

Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the error code:

  1. For verifying Error code 0x8004106a, go for the check of Application log where the event was actually reported, the description section is very important part of the server that will help you in in understanding the root cause.
  2. In case of Error code 0x8004106a, just delete all the log files and checkpoint files and check the network connections.
  3. To repair the corrupted log file with any third party Exchange Recovery software that will help you to repair you log file and save in same format and transfer all exchange server data in PST outlook file format as well.

Third party solution:

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How to repair MS Exchange Server? Kenny Madden . 7th Oct 2015 . 3 Reply

EDB to PST migration tool is the trusted solution which based on latest technology. The software is perfect solution to repair EDB mails from corrupted exchange server and convert EDB mail items like emails, contacts, sent items, drafts, trash items, appointments, folders, etc. EDB to PST migration software share with you advanced scanning mode features and engaging preview functionality, which eases the recovery of corrupt EDB files in any kind of brutal conditions.

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